Orange Beach where the Rainbow Ends.
When the Brake family chose us to take their Vacation Beach Portraits, little did they know that the night would be Epic and filled with surprises.

family beach photography rainbow

family photography in orange beach

Good things come to those who wait and those who don’t give up easily.

This family had one last day to get their vacation beach portraits done, and we were determined not to give up easily. Justin and Crystal, Kenzie & Kaden were in for a treat of epic proportions. No, no photobombing at this family portrait session. Mrs. Seagul and her family had other plans.

A little rain scared everyone away, and we had the beautiful Orange Beach Al sand and sunset to ourselves. With a little luck and a smartphone, off we went looking for beautiful skylines and rainbows. Our simple philosophy, We don’t do mini sessions here, with full one-hour sessions, is that sometimes mother nature throws a curve ball or two, so we have to have the time to adjust and wait it out. After a little rain and a lot of patience, we got an awesome sunset and a sweet rainbow. Now we know where the rainbow ends, in Orange Beach Alabama. What a great way to end your vacation. It’s in Orange Beach Alabama with Vacation Beach Portraits?  See you at the Beach!  Tam & Jay

orange beach family sunset

family on the beach

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portraits in orange beach