Our team is an unusual mix of Professional Photographers with a need to create beautiful photography. Our goal is to use the art of story telling to capture images you will love to share and return to year and year again. Vacation Beach Portraits was created for the client with a love of great photography.
Our Team of professional storytellers is well versed in lighting, the different styles of photography and the technology needed to capture it all. Our team has the best photo-editing talent, professional print labs, and custom design resources to meet your custom printed image needs as well.
Our unique style of classically-fun, comfortable and timeless photography will last forever.
And, most important of all, we are great listeners. We want to know what you are all about and we want to capture your story, your memories, your family as you want to see them remembered. Timeless Photography is more than camera tricks and trendy images. It is the ability to capture your personality and see your story. So, with our team, just know that you are working with passionate dedicated individuals that take more than pretty pictures.

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Renaissance Portrait Studio[/caption]

Renaissance Portrait Studio

Our philosophy is simple, we believe that our business can’t be run like any other. So we run it the way that we’d like to be treated if we were in our clients shoes. We believe that great photography and good customer service are priceless. So there’s not 15 different collections or a dozen “we dont’s”.  There’s no hidden charges and we are pretty nosy. So, we ask a bunch of questions to make sure we get it right. We believe that every Family portrait session and every Wedding we are blessed to be a part of is as important as our very own. So be prepared to be “woo hoo’d” till it hurts to laugh and surprised by the sheer fun of the experience. Our clients value photography at the top of their lists and that tremendous honor drives us to work hard at every portrait session and wedding like they were our very own. We are honored that our couples choose to spend the most important day of their lives with. So, we don’t take is lightly. We understand the importance of the day and respect the gravity of each moment. We really get it. We truly believe that life should be lived, memories cherished and opportunities taken. 20 years ago we started our story and would be proud to “save your date” as our very own.

Tam + Jay

Renaissance Portrait studio
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