an Orange Beach Dream Vacation…sounds simple enough…

Sounds like a pretty easy task unless you’ve spent the majority of your life in a hospital fighting a rare disease. Gavin has had severe kidney issues since he was 3 and he has a rare disease. He is in recovery from his last transplant and he has been working hard to make his orange beach dream vacation come true for his family.

“…when life hands you lemons — you make lemonade! ”

So Gavin and Braxton, two eleven year olds, set up a lemonade stand in his small Arkansas home town to try to raise money for this awesome Orange Beach dream vacation. They raised $1100 with the help of the Bryant Police and Fire Department, as well as the local community and depending on how much money they raise Gavin’s family wants to donate to the Nephrotic treatment department at Children’s Hospital.

Marla Johnson and friends at Aristotle in Little Rock reached out to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama Tourism, and Kaiser Realty by Wyndham Vacation Rentals to inform the companies of the Hershbine’s efforts and give life to Gavins Dream Vacation. Their efforts were not in vain. Gavin and his family were given an all expense paid trip to Orange Beach including Vacation Beach Portraits to make their Orange Beach Dream vacation last forever.

As soon as we heard about Gavin and his family we knew we had to be a part of his Dream. We are so glad that Gavin’s dream vacation to Orange Beach will be full of finding seashells and playing in the water and building sand castles. But more than just being out in the sun and salt water… it’s all about where he won’t be…

See you at the Beach!!
Tam & Jay

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