Beach clothing color ideas on the horizon!
These suggestions are just a kind reminder of the ultimate goal, incredible photography. We want your session to be relaxing and fun.
  • Clothing with wording or pictures: When I look at an image I want to see the faces, the eyes, and the smiles. You can create chaos in an image if there is too much to look at.
  • Glasses: If you don’t have to wear them leave them at home, unless you won’t mind the occasional glare in photographs. I will make every attempt to reduce and position you so that there is minimal glare, but it cannot be avoided 100% of the time.
  • Tight, overly baggy, or uncomfortable clothing:  If you don’t like your arms, don’t wear a tank top or sleeveless top. If you don’t want to see bruises, ashy or scarred knees, don’t wear shorts. Jus sayin’ 😉
  • Several different patterns in one group: One in polka dots, one in stripes, one in plaid…not good. One pattern in a group is okay–just not several or even more than one.
  • Make up: Makeup should be natural. Anything with a lot of shimmer can make you look oily or fake. Photography is painting with light, and anything that reflects or shines will be a bright spot in the photo and is more than likely not the goal you had.
  • Don’t all wear a singular color. So many people always want to wear khaki and white in photo shoots. I don’t suggest it. Don’t wash yourself out. We have sugar white beaches. If you don’t want to blend in, then don’t camouflage yourself in khaki and white. These are great base colors, just remember to add a little personality to your attire–a little color goes a long way.
  • When in doubt, give us a buzz! We’d LOVE to help you get inspired.Color Charts1
    Color Charts2
    Color Charts3
    Color Charts4
    Color Charts5

These charts by Lina Jarmond and by Design Seeds are useful tool in picking out just the right attire. People often think they should all wear the same color which isn’t always true. Coordinating and staying in the same shades are pleasing to the eye while lending some variation and breaking up the monotony of a group in all white or all blue etc.

Try picking colors that harmonize, Be sure to add accessories for splashes of color to give your portrait just the right wow.