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Family Beach Portrait Photographers in
Orange Beach, Gulf Shores AL, and Perdido Key FL.

Looking for a Fun, and Passionate Photographer to help you get the Perfect Family Portrait?

Welcome to Vacation Beach Portraits. We started this company with one goal in mind, to provide you with beautiful Vacation Memories.
Our team of professional portrait photographers and passionate creatives, realize you are trusting us with your families memories.
Our goal is never to forget and to help you create the best vacation experience ever with the pictures to prove it.

From the moment the phone rings, our job is to enable you with all the information needed to make a great decision.
From the best photography locations, clothing, and colors to wear, to getting all the family information together, so we know just the right images to create.
We might just be able to help you replace that twenty-year-old family portrait or design the first piece of Vacation Beach Portrait wall art for your new home.
We might even be able to help you find the “ Local Hot Spots” to give your group a few more things to do at the beach.

At Vacation Beach Portraits, we know how to make your photography experience a fun and memorable one!
We use our skill and passion to tell your family story because the art of photography is more than just lighting and composition.
It is knowing when to anticipate the fun, distinct and inspiring moments.

Families have been trusting us since 1997, and we understand that the perfect way to capture the magic and excitement of your family vacation
is with a great photography experience. This experience coupled with images of the time spent with your family and friends
sounds like a great way to relive the fun over and over again.

Located in the SanRoc Cay shopping center in Orange Beach Alabama, we have a wide selection of options from Family and Children Photography to local beach art.
Our staff of full-time, professional photographers, graphic artist and image consultants will turn your vacation moments into a lifetime of memories.
See ya at the beach 😉

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 Single Family Beach Photography

Every Single Family Photography session is unique. This is where the excitement starts and where we build on your personalities to design the ideal session. Photographs should capture family interactions, quirky and fun, posed and formal.  We want you to walk away from this session with a mix of posed portraits and lifestyle images. Simply a slice of your life.

  • Complimentary planning consult
  • Clothing and Color Inspiration Guide
  • No session or location fee’s
  • Minimal Purchase Required
  • Customized 1 hour session
  • An incredible Photographer ?
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Extended Families and Photography

Next time you’re racking your brains trying to figure out what exactly to buy your parents for their anniversary, you know the ones that are there if you need anything. And, the ones that own practically everything they could already want?

Stop and think about something they have always wanted but have never had the time or the ability to create.

The elusive extended family portrait.

Yes, like the one they took of your whole family when you were in diapers and bald…lol

Give them something priceless.

Gift them a walk on a sugar white beach, their grandchildren’s laughter, the memory of their grandchildren all screaming in unison “I LOVE YOU.” Give them real smiles, real memories. Then gift them an incredible wall portrait or even ALL the photos from ‘that day‘ the day you ALL got together, just for them.

Moments pass. Kids grow up. Families evolve and change. But at the root of it all are grandparents and grandparents matter.

  • You will need a great nap
  • Pirate treasure has been seen
  • There may be potty jokes ??
  • You will hear “woo hoo” a lot
  • Laughing and Smiling will be contagious
  • No session or location fee’s
  • Investment applies to your chosen print order
  • One hour of giggles and grins
  • An incredible Photographer
Extended beach family photographer in orange beach alabama

Reunion Family Photography

Anniversary’s and Family Reunions are the perfect time to schedule beach portraits. Some extended families get together for every holiday and celebration, some for major events, some once a year, and some once every ten years. No matter the reason we love taking portraits for generations of extended families.

  • Complimentary consultation
  • Custom Printed or Digital images
  • Clothing and Color Guide
  • No Session or Location fees
  • A Full one hour session
  • Investment applies fully towards your purchase
  • An Incredible Photographer
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Here at Vacation Beach Portraits, we know how to make your photography experience a fun and memorable one! Located in the SanRoc Cay shopping center, we have a wide selection of options from Family and Children Photography, to Local Beach Art. Our staff of professional photographers, graphic artists and image consultants will turn your vacation moments into a lifetime of memories. See ya at the beach !  Tam & Jay?
At Vacation Beach, we can help your beach photography session be a great experience. From the complimentary planning session, to the clothing guide and the restaurant guide, we are here to help. Ask us anything. It is our pleasure to help you have the best vacation evah!

Our Mission Statement

We believe that our business can’t be run like any other. So we run it the way that we’d like to be treated if we were in our clients shoes.

Every client is a potential friend, and that is why we work so very hard to be open with you and hope you will be comfortable enough to be open and frank with us. It is your day, filled with your moments that will ultimately shape your story and relived by those who you hold dear.

We believe that all Vacation Beach Portraits should be FUN. Yes, that scary little word that makes everyone cringe and dive for cover, if it isn’t actually fulfilled. Milestones like Anniversary’s, Birthdays, Reunions and the all elusive Family Vacation are meant to be remembered. The question is how will you remember. With our images you’ll be able to share and see the story of your day unfold.

Our couples and families value photography at the top of their lists and that tremendous honor drives us to work hard at every wedding and family portrait session like it were our very own. We really get it. We truly believe that life should be lived, memories cherished and opportunities taken.

We would be proud to Make Your Vacation Last Forever.

See You at the Beach!   Tam & Jay