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    Capture the magic and excitement of your next family vacation with the help of our photographer’s at Vacation Beach Portraits! Photography is one of the best ways to remember your wonderful vacation spent with family and friends. Here at Vacation Beach Portraits, we know how to make your photography experience a fun and memorable one! Located in the SanRoc Cay shopping center, we have a wide selection of options from Family Photography to local beach art. Our staff of professional photographers, graphic artist and image consultants will turn your vacation moments into a lifetime of memories. See ya at the beach ;)

A Happy Birthday…and great family photography

One way to ensure a Happy Birthday, is to have it during an epic family vacation and to have great family photography to make it last forever.

You would never know that the day of this families beach photography session mother nature was brewing up a cup a foul weather. The storm clouds were gathering over Gulf Shores but the Eagan’s, Garvy’s, & Vogt’s, came to enjoy an epic vacation and celebrate a birthday as well.  They came to Gulf Shores, they conquered their family photography session, and they will have great stories to tell as well as a photograph or two..whew!

This family tradition of getting together and traveling in from the northeast to reconnect with the gulf coast and enjoy their growing clan is impressive to say the least. We hope to see this incredible family again and again!  There’s a little one on the way as well as many more birthdays to be celebrated. Looks like this won’t be the last family vacation beach portrait not by a long shot.

What a great way to remember your family time. The changes from year to year. The addition of little ones and their initiation to the beach. Vacation Beach Portraits are just one way to make your vacation last forever. We hope they keep their family vacation tradition alive for many years to come.

PS,  Happy Birthday ya don’t look a day over 50 😉  Tam & Jay


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Vacation Beach Photography | Sills

The Vacation Beach Photography of the Sills family in gulf shores was nothing short of epic.

When Susan called us she wanted to know if we could get her grandchildren to stop long enough to have some vacation beach photography done. Well, now she knows we have a pied piper on staff.

Here is what Susan thought of her vacation beach photography session:

Kudos to Jason and Tammy at Renaissance Portrait Studio for an outstanding beach photo shoot!  Tammy was wonderful with communications before and after the photo shoot!  Jason was a magnificent magician with the children–coaxing normally reluctant photo babies into joyous beach frolicking perfect subjects!  They had great fun!  Jason is an expert photographer and extremely knowledgeable about the lighting techniques, exactly where to place his subjects in relation to the light, and how to modify the natural light with additional lighting to produce wizardly portraits.  Mother Nature was highly cooperative that evening as well–favoring us with a spectacular sunset.

If you are looking for a way to make your vacation last forever. Give us a call at Vacation Beach Portraits, 251 980-6657. I can’t promise pink skies but we can promise great beach photography to make your vacation last forever. These are just a few of our favorite images from this vacation beach photography session.

gulf-shores-fort-morgan-family -photography-215092_0170-3
gulf-shores-family -photography-215092_0185-3

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Family Photographers in Orange Beach| Hewes

Family Photographers in Orange Beach for The Hewes Family

These two cute little girls definitely stole Jason’s heart.  How much fun it must be to have an adventure with Mom & Dad. Thanks for sharing a little family time with us and allowing us enjoy your Beach adventure.

We are full time family photographers with over 45 years of combined experience. We are proud members of the Professional Photographers of America and our local Chamber of Commerce. We specialize in Wedding photography, Family photography, and Senior pictures and we service Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Orange Beach, Perdido Key, and the South East.

Our Family Photography sessions are by appointment only, so please take a moment and contact us today.  We limit our family photography to two sessions a day, sunrise and sunset. We have a minimal purchase that is fully applied to your a la carte choices and we are positive we have exactly what you are looking for so you can trust us to Make your Vacation Last Forever.  If your family is coming to the coast this spring or summer, we would love the opportunity to capture your family story as well. We can be reached at (251) 980-6657 or via our main website at RenaissancePortraits.com.


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Orange Beach Family Vacation Photographer | Sun Shots

We are a Family Vacation Photographer in Orange Beach Alabama

We are a husband and wife team, and we specialize in fine art family photography.  Sun Shots was created in 2001 with a strong desire to make award winning professional photography art, and we strive to be the premier vendor in our area.

If your family is planning a trip to Orange Beach Alabama, we want to help you guys have a little fun as well.  In the process, we can even help create some awesome art that you will always have to remember just how good of a time you had here in Orange Beach.  Whether you have little tykes or kids in college, we have the professional experience to help you achieve exactly what you are looking for.

With thousands of activities to consume your time on vacation, it is almost a chore to decide what to do at the beach.  One of the most basic and simple activities is having a little fun with your little brother in the sand.  If I was five, and had a two year old little brother, that is exactly what I would do.  Built a sand castle, tear it down, look for sharks teeth, wrestle a little while, who could imagine anything more fun on a break from the real world.

What would you do?  Well these two little tykes did just that at our sunset session last night.  They had so much fun.  Nick is 2 years old and “Ton of Fun”  he truly lived up to it.  Thanks so much fellows for calling us again to be your Orange Beach Family Vacation Photographer.  We really had a fun time with ya’ll! Have a wonderful time while on your vacation in Orange Beach this week.

Give us a call today to find out more, and book your very own family beach portrait session.  You can reach us anytime at (251) 968-2119.


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The Beach Club | Newman Family portraits

Family portraits at the Beach Club.
The Newman family blew us away!! We just had to show some love to the Newman clan. What a bunch of troopers.

The Beach Club and sunrise family portraits may seem a wee bit early, but the early bird definitely gets the treat this time.
Thank God for Hot chocolate, incredible Sunrise’s and a great family!! 😉

We enjoyed an incredible sunrise, Beach Club style, with very subtle splashes of blue peeking through rippled white clouds, of white soft cotton candy. As the light intensified, deep gaps of blue peered through like an upside-down ocean.  You could almost drink it in.  The crisp blue morning that we were blessed to see was inspiring and we are so grateful for every family portrait we get to capture there. The Beach Club always seems to greet us with super fun families and sweet babies.

Gulf-Shores family-portraits-214207-125
Gulf Shores family portraits 214207-121
Gulf Shores family portraits 214207_0038
Gulf Shores family portraits 214207-81
Gulf Shores family portraits 214201-14
Gulf Shores family portraits 214207_0038


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